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A one-stop professional ICT solutions freelancer based in Dublin. Our expertise are in Internet marketing (SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, PPC marketing, SEO training, web ads, e-mail and affiliate marketing), web design and development (including mobile sites & apps), UI, UX, cloud computing, business intelligence and business solutions.

We are ready to listen and give you the best solution for all your ICT requirements.

Our team is drawn from professionals who are experts in their various fields with regional experience from their locations in Europe (Ireland and UK), North America (U.S.A) and Asia (India).
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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid (organic) search results.
We optimize your website for easy and optimum visibility through the eye of the search engines' crawler. Why spend time and money to build an impressive website that will not be found on SEs. We follow '

white hat

' industry standards that will gradually and surely take you to the top of the 'search engine result pages' (SERPs). Promises of immediate top rankings usually prompt '

black hat

' techniques that eventually get websites banned/barred by search engines. We use your chosen and suggested keywords to take you to the top.
What is Search Engine Optimization? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the science of increasing traffic to your Website by improving the internal and external factors influencing ranking in search results. It is a major part of Internet marketing. It is mostly technical in nature. It includes website programming expertise combined with business, persuasion, sales and a love for competitive puzzle solving. If done right, you will have a website capable of maintaining desired revenue goals while achieving high rankings in the organic sections of search engine results pages. Creating a Website does not just involve technical skills, or copywriting, or links, or Engagement Objects, or search engine submission; it involves an intricate blend of more than 200 variables woven into the fabric of a Website. It is difficult to accomplish this type of project without a formal, proven methodology and strong proprietary tools.
Being among the top 10 rankings in every major search engine and directory can sometimes be achieved, although very few sites can get there, and the effort is often beyond reason. Note: URL ranking results change week-to-week due to competition, so maintaining a top organic SEO ranking requires constant keyword monitoring and information rework. Search engine optimization never rests, much like your competition. We may also complement your SEO effort with PPC campaigns for best visibility.

The benefits of Search Engine Optimization / Online Marketing / Social Media Optimization:

(1) More leads / enquiries from your website / sales.
(2) You gain the edge over your competitors with a higher ranking.
(3) You can target your product or services main key-phrases.
(4) Your website is visible to millions of people worldwide

We can make you see the return on your investment (ROI).
See a brief 'SEO Explained' video here ->

Our advanced SEO offer for new sites is €600 for first month and €250 for next two months - Total 3mths (or as agreed).
SEO Packages
SEO Packages
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About Us

Web Design

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With a web site a company or organization can advertise and showcase their products / services, what their company or organization is all about, receive emails, have other companies advertise on their web site for a fee, store data, receive payments etc. Most importantly this information can be seen anywhere in the world.

Our services - apart from developing a winning web site for companies and individuals, we also run computer appreciation programmes (computer literacy) and use of the internet in sourcing and receiving information, storing and processing data.

What we stand for - Tenddeapact Solutions  executes all jobs to the last dot of existing international and local standards. We also go the "extra mile" to ensure our customers are satisfied beyond their expectations. In addition, we keep our charges relatively low compared to what obtains in the industry.
We tailor your website to suit your needs or business - be it a fresh site or a redesign. The purpose, contents, design, web effects and search engine compliance are our objectives in delivering a website that has an impact, a web 2.0 design. We
design personal & business web sites
- building websites that download fast, putting into consideration, the visitors' quick access to the information on the site. We boast having the best rates around.

Web design is our passion - with a group of talented professionals ready to take your projects on, we don't go wrong. Every viable business needs a web presence that has an impact. We can deliver bespoke, template, CMS websites, including script installation, web applications, blogs, wikis etc.

Our services are relatively cheap, so no need to break the bank to get a website 'live'. We also deliver
web design training
that will lead you to successful certification (CIW).

Tenddeapact Solutions is committed to professionalism, making sure clients are satisfied at the end of every job. The need for a web site cannot be over emphasized.
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Scope - The scope of our web design services covers personal, business and e-commerce web sites. We take exceptions to pornographic and hate contents. Methods - Our method of execution involves the following: (1) Your requirements i.e. type of site and proposed number of pages. (2) Our analysis i.e. what we come up with to make it standard. (3) We create a design i.e. what the site could look like. (4) We design fully and host  i.e. you are on the web (free hosting also available). (5) Submission of the web site to recognized search engines i.e. to be easily seen by prospective customers/visitors looking for information on the internet. (6) Updates and hosting renewals i.e. to always make sure your site has current information and making sure the site is always on the web.

Cost implication - This will usually depend on the number of pages, hosting package and sometimes the effects on the pages. You can however be rest assured that we offer one of the best charges within the scope of work to be done. Our charges are also negotiable.

Mode of payment
- We usually demand for 50 percent deposit and 50 percent balance payment immediately after the job. And full payments for updates per page which is usually small amounts (This is usually into our PayPal account). You have an obligation to inform us about any updates to your site and we on our part will inform you about hosting renewals, except otherwise arranged for recurrent payments. We assure you of a high-quality service always carrying you along. Looking forward to putting you on the World Wide Web. See our work plan in a flow chart here, and our portfolio here. Live samples available on request.

Web Development

Web Development
Web Development - similar to web design but involves server-side technology, interactivity, custom designs, application integration with a wide use of PHP, ASP coding languages and the likes. Web development projects mainly involves members' or public driven sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. They are more dynamic and database driven. Our research tells us that at present all your customers, suppliers, potential clients and work-force are expected to investigate your company online rather than using any other medium.

We can create all types of static, dynamic, database driven websites.

We will offer you all custom web development solutions tailored to your needs. Our professionals are here to design your website to your specific requirements from start to finish with closest possible association - you are involved from start to finish making sure you get what you want 100%.

We provide CMS based web designing solutions for your organization's requirements - be it a module based system or text based system which allows any non-technical person to customize the web page(s) - we will deliver it. You'll be able to:
- Edit or manipulate your contents without the assistance of any professional web designer.
- Make the changes to your website by yourself which gives you the ability to reduce the maintenance or updating cost.
- Have the freedom to edit or create the contents as per your desire.
- Select the fonts, colors of the background of the page and other relevant modification.
- Add various forms according to your needs.
Web Development
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We also customize template driven sites. Web templates are one of the main components which gives your website a professional look. We will recreate the web template for you with our innovative and ever creative group of professionals. These web templates are ready to use and can be edited to your needs with Photoshop and HTML editing software so that they can be used in all the web pages.

Our team of professionals are also into application development using well known industry software and techniques to bring your site to life. These application can be integrated into your website to give it more interactive functionality. For example, integrating a photo editing application to your site or a mortgage application.

With web development, possibilities are endless and yet with us you don't need to break the bank. Our services are negotiable and affordable.

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ICT in Marketing
ICT in Marketing

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